Sunday, February 19, 2012


Ah, what an amazing feeling that was when I cut off the last loose thread. I have been wanting to make a playsuit for years. A little while ago there was a store here in Melbourne (I will not name it) that made and sold playsuits for over $200. Every time I walked in there I would nitpick the garments and say to myself "I could make this... and I could do a better job too!" as I pulled at loose threads, parts where the lining was coming loose and poking my fingers through holes in the stitching. In other words, totally not worth $200. But enough of that!

So here is my first play suit! I have made shorts, and I have made tops, but now here it is, in all its hot pink glory.

This was actually made just to test the pattern. Though it is a bit tight I think it would look strange if it was any looser. It does give me an interesting butt experience though.

How unflattering!
And the puppet's name is Louie! I purchased him from the Queen Victoria Night Market for a grand total of $35. You can find him at

The pattern is McCall's 6331. It's actually supposed to be for teenagers, but seeing as I don't have that big of a buttocks (which is the main complaint from pattern reviewers) I made up the pattern exactly. I do think though that I will cut it about a centimeter more on either side to allow for my mahoosive hips next time I use this pattern.

Why do my legs look char grilled?
I made my version fully lined, as you could see my undies through the cotton of the shorts. Not a good look. But all in all I think I did a pretty good job! Yay!


  1. Totally bombshell-ific! I'm loving the two little flappy things at the front :) How annoying is it to see overpriced and badly made clothing? It's like the maker obviously doesn't rate the intelligence of the population they're trying to flog their substandard wares too. Geez.
    Anyway - I'm loving your playsuit!

    1. Thanks, beautiful lady! Most of the others were in okay shape, but one was just everywhere. Be a little different if they said it was faulty and marked it down. Unfortunately these are things most people wouldn't recognise as a flaw. I'm going to make another in one of my cute quilting cottons :D

  2. So cute! The collar-thingies are adorable and I love the polka dots. I'm so jealous of the warm weather, it's snowing here :(

    1. Oh, this is Melbourne, honey. We're hot and sunny one minute and then raining and freezing the next. I'd love to live somewhere with a more consistent forecast!! Polka dots are one of my favourite things ever :)